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[ecf-dev] which ECF protocol to use?

I would like help with my strategy toward using ECF, if you would be
so kind.  I plan to have a central UI client, which might be an OSGi
bundle and it might not.  This client would communicate with many OSGi
servers, which provide data lookup functions for the client.  I would
like these servers to be maximally secure, so I was planning to avoid
use of a protocol that could be contacted using HTTP.  I would like
the communication to be as fast as possible.  I would like to possibly
share Java objects, and definitely share Strings of data in XML or

Can you tell me any advice on these?
 * which ECF protocol to select, that can be used as easily as
possible by non-OSGi clients, for maximal speed and security?
 * does your experience favor any syntax of communicating data, for
maximal speed?  XML?  other?

Many thanks,
David Donohue