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[ecf-dev] EclipseRT Tutorial / Symposium

hi everyone,  cc: Jeff bcc: people who registered for the EclipseRT Symposium

the eclipse summit 2009 is coming in only 2 weeks. As Jeff blogged this morning http://eclipsesource.com/blogs/2009/10/09/eclipsert-tutorial-and-symposium/ we have setup a Tutorial session with tutorials/demos from a number of Runtime projects (Equinox, Riena, EclipseLink, RAP, Others?) and a Symposium to discuss multiple interesting topics from the Runtime space.

I like to draw your attention to the wiki page that we have setup http://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse_Summit_2009_EclipseRT_Tutorial/Symposium .

It contains a summary of what we plan to do. Especially the Symposium needs your input on topics, issues that you would like to discuss in a face to face forum. We have proposed a few categories for that, Architecture, Community+Delivery etc. and Experience from user or RT components. If you have other topics tell us either by email or at the the EclipseRT Symposium.

You can also give a short (5 minute) presentation in the Symposium of an issue that you like to discuss. Checkout the wiki page for more details. Please add your name to the wiki page if you plan on coming.

Any questions please mail to either myself (christian.campo@xxxxxxxxxxxx) or Jeff McAffer (jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

hope to see you at the Summit (27th Oct-29thOct in Ludwigsburg, Germany)

christian campo