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[ecf-dev] tweethub build tutorial

Hi Folks,

There's a nice tweethub build/install tutorial at

which appeared on planet Eclipse. First, thanks Lars for doing this, and for opening the "Download Site for TweetHub" enhancement request:

Just so everyone knows...we are working on a new ECF build, and will be incorporating Tweethub into the new build. You (Lars) are quite right that we need to make it easier for people to get a pre-built version of TweetHub for their OS, and this new build should do so.

I wanted to point out publicly that contributions like this (documentation on getting/building/using TweetHub) are very much appreciated, and are extremely helpful for ECF. Those of you that can do this please consider spending a little is a great help for the project.

And if you are willing, please consider just adding your documentation to the appropriate (or new) ECF wiki:

So, thanks again Lars and others for doing this, and please keep up the good work.


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