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RE: [ecf-dev] State of the 119 distribution part

Hi Scott, 

I didn't had the chance to read your mail before the conference call. 

> OK, I've modified and released to HEAD changes to remove the code that
> only responds to "ecf" distribution service property...and removed your
> // JR comment.  So now our service hook will respond to all remote
> registrations.

That's good.

> I started a new implementation of getPublishedServices().  I didn't
> complete it, because there is a question about desired behavior.  What
> if a (remoted) ServiceReference actually results in several
> publications
> (e.g. several ECF providers each register a ServicePublication for a
> given service reference?).  What should the
> DistributionProvider.getPublishedServices() actually return in that
> case?  It could return ServiceReferences associated with the
> *ServicePublications* (possibly several for each originating
> ServiceReference)...or it could return the ServiceReferences (of the
> remoted service) that have been published once *or more* (e.g. with >=
> 1
> publications)?  Any idea what the desired/expected behavior is here?

Yes, for the records: As we discussed in the call, the expected behavior of this method is probably that it returns the references to the ServicePublications registered by this particular provider. After looking into the current API in the OSGi repository, I have two observations: 

a) The getPublishedServices() method is still in the API (rev 6173). 
b) In the RFC document, the method is mentioned as being removed with version

I will file a bug for the EEG to clarify this.



MSc Jan S. Rellermeyer, Systems Group, Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich
IFW B 47.1, Haldeneggsteig 4, CH-8092 Z├╝rich, Switzerland

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