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Re: [ecf-dev] State of the 119 distribution part

Hi Jan,

Rellermeyer Jan Simon wrote:
<stuff deleted>
This brings up a spec question for me...what is the desired/spec'd
behavior when multiple distribution systems are present (e.g. cxf,
etc)?  Are all distribution providers expected to respond?

Yes. I am pretty sure that this is the case.

OK, I've modified and released to HEAD changes to remove the code that only responds to "ecf" distribution service property...and removed your // JR comment. So now our service hook will respond to all remote registrations.

Note...I've also updated the bundle contents (the osgi 4.2 compendium classes for discovery and distribution). See CQ

A question...I see you marked the DistributionProviderImpl.getPublishedServices():

   public ServiceReference[] getPublishedServices() {
// JR: XXX SMELL: this should not access the internals of the discovery
       // part since the discovery is optional.
        * return
* .getDefault().getServicePublicationHandler() .getPublishedServices();
       return null;

I started a new implementation of getPublishedServices(). I didn't complete it, because there is a question about desired behavior. What if a (remoted) ServiceReference actually results in several publications (e.g. several ECF providers each register a ServicePublication for a given service reference?). What should the DistributionProvider.getPublishedServices() actually return in that case? It could return ServiceReferences associated with the *ServicePublications* (possibly several for each originating ServiceReference)...or it could return the ServiceReferences (of the remoted service) that have been published once *or more* (e.g. with >= 1 publications)? Any idea what the desired/expected behavior is here?


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