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[ecf-dev] ECF planning for EclipseCon 2009

Hi Folks,

Markus had suggested that we have an ECF Developers meeting after EclipseCon this year (2009) at my home in Portland (where we would have the ability to have *very* low-cost [$0] housing...i.e. people staying at my and Ted's homes...along with free NW beer :).

I am perfectly willing to host this, and would love to have ECF committers here in Portland and at my home for a meeting, BUT it seems that Markus is not going to be able to get a flight through Portland after EclipseCon, and so I propose that we:

1) Arrange for an ECF BOF at EclipseCon (of course...we would be doing this in any event) 2) Have an ECF developer's meeting *at* EclipseCon on *Thursday* in the morning (i.e. before people begin returning home). Everyone who is going to EclipseCon can/should attend, and I'll arrange for some space somewhere. We'll also try to have a conference call to include everyone who is not able to go to EclipseCon 3) People who can make it to Portland come to Portland...and we'll have some good conversation, and good food/drink. You are welcome to stay with me at Chez Lewis...and I believe Ted may have room as well. Free Wifi included ;).

ECF Committers: please either attend the conference call tomorrow to discuss this...or reply to this note so that we can know what your plans are WRT EclipseCon.

Thanks much,


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