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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF planning for EclipseCon 2009


Meeting up at EclipseCon sounds good, hanging out at Lewis Mansion in
Portland, too ;)



P.S.: I'm in the middle of tests right now ... two more weeks to go
and I'll be back on conference calls and our various communication

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 23:32, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Markus had suggested that we have an ECF Developers meeting after EclipseCon
> this year (2009) at my home in Portland (where we would have the ability to
> have *very* low-cost [$0] housing...i.e. people staying at my and Ted's
> homes...along with free NW beer :).
> I am perfectly willing to host this, and would love to have ECF committers
> here in Portland and at my home for a meeting, BUT it seems that Markus is
> not going to be able to get a flight through Portland after EclipseCon, and
> so I propose that we:
> 1) Arrange for an ECF BOF at EclipseCon (of course...we would be doing this
> in any event)
> 2) Have an ECF developer's meeting *at* EclipseCon on *Thursday* in the
> morning (i.e. before people begin returning home).  Everyone who is going to
> EclipseCon can/should attend, and I'll arrange for some space somewhere.
>  We'll also try to have a conference call to include everyone who is not
> able to go to EclipseCon
> 3) People who can make it to Portland come to Portland...and we'll have some
> good conversation, and good food/drink.  You are welcome to stay with me at
> Chez Lewis...and I believe Ted may have room as well.  Free Wifi included
> ;).
> ECF Committers:  please either attend the conference call tomorrow to
> discuss this...or reply to this note so that we can know what your plans are
> WRT EclipseCon.
> Thanks much,
> Scott
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Mustafa K. Isik


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