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[ecf-dev] Riena Webinar

Hi ECF-Folks,

since we talked about ECF Remote Services versus Riena Remote Services in the BOF at the Eclipse Summiti, I thought it might be worthwhile
pointing you a webinar that I did last night about Riena. In the middle of the presentation you see a part about injecting services and extensions and after that a live coding session creating a remote service sample from scratch.

I am not saying which one is better (although I might have an opinion :-) ) but it certainly helps if we better understand the concepts of the other project and
we, Riena have already digged for quite some time to get ECF Remote Services with R-OSGI, with the generic server and through XMPP running that I believe I understand the ECF concepts there.

Just for the curious among you.

christian campo, Riena project lead

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