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[ecf-dev] twitter provider and twitter4j

Hi Folks,

The nascent ecf presence provider is based upon a twitter library called 'twitter4j' version 1.0.4. I've learned that twitter4j version 1.1.1 is now out (see notice below).

In someone is interested/able to work on it, the twitter provider is at:

:pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/ecf plugins/org.eclipse.ecf.provider.twitter and plugins/org.eclipse.ecf.provider.twitter.ui

there's also the beginnings of a small test plugin at tests/org.eclipse.ecf.tests.provider.twitter

I'll work on it myself as soon as possible (move up to twitter4j 1.1.1 and complete more of the functionality), but if others are interested please say so here (a new enhancement request to track):



Hi all,

Thank you everyone for using and supporting Twitter4J.

Now Twitter4J 1.1.1 is available for download.

This release contains several bug fixes and all users are strongly suggested to update.
Here are the list of fixes included in version 1.1.1.


         o [TFJ-54 <>] -
           Show method should take long instead of int
         o [TFJ-55 <>] -
           Show method shouldn't require userid and password
         o [TFJ-56 <>] -
           TwitterResponse from AsyncTwitter is not Serializable -
           Thanks Mark!
         o [TFJ-57 <>] -
           Date is encoded twice, and therefore "since" doesn't work -
           Thanks Matteo!
         o [TFJ-60 <>] -
           hashCode and equals are not properly implemented


         o [TFJ-47 <>] -
           implement toString()

[TFJ-58] <>Added pointer for Twitter API wiki - Thanks Mustafa! <>

This release will be available from the Maven central repository in 4 hours as well.

Best regards,
Yusuke Yamamoto
yusuke@xxxxxxx <mailto:yusuke@xxxxxxx>

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