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Re: [ecf-dev] Riena Webinar

Hi Christian,

I do request that you not refer to ECF remote services *versus* Riena Remote Services. In my view they are focused on different things:

Riena: provide a full remote services implementation with features like transparency, advance security, others

ECF remote services: provide transport independent abstraction(s) for remote services...and multiple implementations: e.g. r-OSGi, ECF generic, XMPP, JMS, others (hopefully Riena).

Given this, I think it's incorrect to refer to them as one versus another. By analogy, r-OSGi is also an remote services implementation, and there is absolutely no conflict with ECF remote services API (witness the r-OSGi provider, which Jan created very rapidly).

As we discussed at the summit, I think the best arrangement would be to have a Riena-based provider that can be accessed via the ECF remote services API...and *if* Riena has unique features (e.g. security) that imply/find additions, bugs, or changes to the ECF remote services API then these can/will be happily added in the ECF 3.0 release cycle or beyond. I've started such a Riena-based remote services provider, but have not completed it yet due to the fact that Riena impl has been rightfully changing rapidly, and I/we've been consumed with other things. But I invite the Riena committers and/or contributors to work with us on this provider (as you are obviously the ones with current knowledge of Riena's internal structure) and add/contribute/improve the ECF remote services API.

*If*, in fact, Riena *is* attempting to provide just such a transport independent abstraction/API as well, then this is a direct conflict with ECF remote services and these efforts should be consolidated rather than having two projects doing the same thing (one mature and the other in incubation, and one based upon multiple implementations and the other based upon one implemenation). In my view, anything else is extremely confusing for both communities.


P.S.  I did watch the video...nice job.

Christian Campo wrote:
Hi ECF-Folks,

since we talked about ECF Remote Services versus Riena Remote Services in the BOF at the Eclipse Summiti, I thought it might be worthwhile pointing you a webinar that I did last night about Riena. In the middle of the presentation you see a part about injecting services and extensions and after that a live coding session creating a remote service sample from scratch.

I am not saying which one is better (although I might have an opinion :-) ) but it certainly helps if we better understand the concepts of the other project and we, Riena have already digged for quite some time to get ECF Remote Services with R-OSGI, with the generic server and through XMPP running that I believe I understand the ECF concepts there.

Just for the curious among you.

christian campo, Riena project lead

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