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[ecf-dev] libpurple

Hi, as of today, I am having problems with the ECF Yahoo plugin and also with the ECF MSN plugin. For the Yahoo plugin, messages sent are being dropped erratically, and Yahoo Add to Friend api via the IRoster does not work. For the MSN plugin, it does not even connect. I suspect it is due to continual changes in the messaging protocols, and that the underlying Java api has bugs and not maintained well.
One hope I see is the libpurple library that is used by a lot of popular companies (such as Meebo) to integrate the different messengers. It even support Bonjour and is kept up to date.
The only downside is that it is written in C, so is there any easy way to have a JNI layer to interface ECF with libpurple, that way, the instant messaging is always kept up to date...

Dicky Johan

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