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[ecf-dev] ECF success

Hi Folks,

Since the Ganymede/2.0.0 release, ECF is getting some very nice exposure, usage, and feedback...and I believe that the project is really taking off. I hope this is as gratifying for other committers and contributors as it is for me.

My personal enthusiasm for ECF is higher now than it ever has been, and in order to prepare for the next year's efforts, and think about what/how to more fully continue this work, I (Scott) am going to take some time off for the next few weeks. I will probably still be looking at email and news postings occasionally while away, but won't be responding as least over the next little while.

I'm confident that things can move forward rapidly without my direct involvement, and I would like to ask that zx, remy, mustafa, ted, jan, markus, marcelo, roland, pierre-henry, moritz, and the rest of the ECF community push things forward in the relevant areas.

Thanks and see you soon.  Aloha :)


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