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Re: [ecf-dev] libpurple

Hi Dicky,

2008/7/22 Dicky Johan <dickyjohan@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi, as of today, I am having problems with the ECF Yahoo plugin and also
> with the ECF MSN plugin. For the Yahoo plugin, messages sent are being
> dropped erratically, and Yahoo Add to Friend api via the IRoster does not
> work. For the MSN plugin, it does not even connect. I suspect it is due to
> continual changes in the messaging protocols, and that the underlying Java
> api has bugs and not maintained well.

Please file two separate bugs for the Yahoo! and MSN issues.

I have heard another user note that connecting to MSN doesn't work at
all but have otherwise not received any connectivity complaints about
the MSN provider.

> One hope I see is the libpurple library that is used by a lot of popular
> companies (such as Meebo) to integrate the different messengers. It even
> support Bonjour and is kept up to date.
> The only downside is that it is written in C, so is there any easy way to
> have a JNI layer to interface ECF with libpurple, that way, the instant
> messaging is always kept up to date...

I think there may be issues with this due to libpurple being under the
GPL. I guess this might fly if it was hosted on ECF's server at
OSUOSL, but I'm not positive.


> Regards,
> Dicky Johan
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