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[ecf-dev] sending messages over JMS

This ECF is really great stuff, but I am still a bit lost in all the concepts. We are trying to send messages to different instant messenging providers over JMS. I am assuming that ECF is designed in such a way that we can connect to a JMS provider and send a message, of which itself will connect to another ECF provider (in this case, the instant messenger), to send out the message.
Unfortunately, I cannot find any sample code for me to get started on this. I see a SharedObject concept, but how do everything tie together? What would be great is if someone can show a sample of how to send a message to a ECF provider via a JMS ECF provider. Does anyone have any clue on this?
I am also assuming that with the ECF provider concept, we can actually create custom provider for SMS gateways and also SMTP gateways for emails, right?

Dicky Johan

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