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Re: [ecf-dev] sending messages over JMS

Hi Dicky,

Dicky Johan wrote:
This ECF is really great stuff, but I am still a bit lost in all the concepts. We are trying to send messages to different instant messenging providers over JMS. I am assuming that ECF is designed in such a way that we can connect to a JMS provider and send a message, of which itself will connect to another ECF provider (in this case, the instant messenger), to send out the message. Unfortunately, I cannot find any sample code for me to get started on this. I see a SharedObject concept, but how do everything tie together? What would be great is if someone can show a sample of how to send a message to a ECF provider via a JMS ECF provider. Does anyone have any clue on this?

Yes :). There is/are test code for the JMS activemq and weblogic providers, these are on CVS server at, in the tests module, in the


test projects.

The test code that's there now basically tests running ECF remote services over the two JMS providers. You would/will probably be more interested in using the ECF datashare API (an API for creating asynchronous messaging channels) although you might also be interested in remote services API. If you are able/willing, we would love to have some additional tests of the JMS providers that extend the test plugin...but we don't yet have that...sorry. On the up side, the datashare API should be already supported with the JMS providers (as both datashare and remote services are based upon the shared object API).

I will answer any questions you have, and we can use this as an opportunity to document things further and create more example and test code.

I am also assuming that with the ECF provider concept, we can actually create custom provider for SMS gateways and also SMTP gateways for emails, right?

Yes, of course. In fact if you actually do this, I would encourage you to consider sharing the work with the ECF community.

You might be interested in the 'trivial provider' at

Here's the cvs browse link:



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