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[ecf-dev] Remote OSGi services

Hi all,

I need some help regarding ECF remote OSGi services and hope that someone is able to help me. The scenario is quite simple. I have some clients connected to a server (in my case XMPP server). If a new client connects to a server he is supposed to perform remote OSGi services on the already connected clients. But this is not possible as the remote OSGi service registration happens at the connection time.

Now I've found the ECF discovery service ( Discovery_of_Remote_Services) and wonder if this might be the right approach for me. Although I tried to get familiar with the code I didn't get the important steps.

Could please anybody tell me if the discovery service is the right approach in order to find dynamically remote services. And if possible post some code snippet of the important stepts to do (client and server side).

That would be really great!


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