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[ecf-dev] Remote OSGi services

Hi ecf-devs,

I have some problems with the ECF Remote OSGi services. Somehow the filter mechanism using ID[] array doesn't work for me and I wonder whether this is a bug or my incompetence. I try to get some remote services for some IDs that I provide as parameter:

IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter remoteServiceContainerAdapter = (IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter) this.containter

IRemoteServiceReference[] refs = remoteServiceContainerAdapter
.getRemoteServiceReferences(filterIDs, service.getName(),

Although I've provided some filterIDs as a parameter the IRemoteServiceReference-array containes more services than I expect him to have. There are even some IRemoteServiceReference-references to clients which are not on my contacts list (but they exist on my XMPP server).

Any help would be appreciated but I know that with Ganymede you guys are busy.


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