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Re: [ecf-dev] Re: Large number of clients

Hi Gunnar,

Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:
Scott Lewis schrieb:
- I've got a basic setup running with little text messages, but will it scale to that many nodes?

For XMPP I don't know. It would likely depend heavily on the quality and scalability of the server (less so on ECF APIs actually).

FYI, I recently started to look into the topic XMPP as well. I want to use the Presence API of ECF to communicate with nodes in a cluster. Basically there would be up/down and state messages. In a second step I might also use it to send control messages to the nodes.

I don't have any practical experience with XMPP servers yet. But I found an interesting article about an Open Source server. They simulated 150k active connections with a throughput of 10k packets per second on a single dual-core server.

Another popular one is OpenFire:

Jive uses this as the basis for their XMPP product, so it might scale pretty well. We are running an instance at, and the foundation is reasonably close to using it for this bug:

Further, there has been some recent chatter about an ECF project to implement an Equinox-and-ECF-based XMPP server. I would really like to try to get this going...perhaps with the explicit cooperation of OpenFire (I'm going to meet with them next week), and interested contributors in the ECF community. Given OpenFire's apache license, existing java-based implementation, and the relative ease of taking an existing java-based application and converting it to a set of Equinox/ECF bundles, I think this is quite doable. In any event, I would like to get this going as an ECF subproject.
Would this be interesting to you Gunnar?


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