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[ecf-dev] Re: Large number of clients

Scott Lewis schrieb:
- I've got a basic setup running with little text messages, but will it scale to that many nodes?

For XMPP I don't know. It would likely depend heavily on the quality and scalability of the server (less so on ECF APIs actually).

FYI, I recently started to look into the topic XMPP as well. I want to use the Presence API of ECF to communicate with nodes in a cluster. Basically there would be up/down and state messages. In a second step I might also use it to send control messages to the nodes.

I don't have any practical experience with XMPP servers yet. But I found an interesting article about an Open Source server. They simulated 150k active connections with a throughput of 10k packets per second on a single dual-core server.


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