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[ecf-dev] Large number of clients


I am investigating the feasibility of a project, and ecf is one of the technologies which looks like it might be very useful for it. We're going to deploy a large number of nodes (+-20.000) with an equinox stack on them. From time to time they need to call home and download updated software if available.
Most of the time they will be watching their environmental sensors and have some predefined triggers. When a trigger goes off they need to send a message to the server, which takes action if needed.
There are administrators as well, which should be given the option to remotely use the node's OSGI services, set its parameters, stream audio and video, get its GPS location etc.
I was thinking of setting up an xmpp server (wrapped in an OSGI bundle) and use ecf as a communication platform. The xmpp server should be able to handle 20000 clients (which are not doing a lot most of the time) and so the administrator gets a good idea on when each node is online. When the administrator is interested in a specifc node, he can use its remote services as well.

My questions are:
- is ecf/xmpp the best library/protocol for something like this?
- is ecg capable of streaming video and audio?
- I've got a basic setup running with little text messages, but will it scale to that many nodes?


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