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RE: [ecf-dev] [Fwd: [CQ 2063] ch.ethz.iks.r_osgi.remote Version: 1.0.0.RC1]

Hi Scott, 

> I'm happy to announce that the r-OSGi contribution has been approved
> and
> so can be committed to CVS along with the associated
> remote services provider.

Yes, I am very happy about this!

> Jan, would you rather move the projects (ch.ethz.iks.r_osgi.remote and
> org.eclipse.ecf.provider.rosgi) over or would you rather that I do
> it...or some combination thereof?  I see that we eventually need to
> change the references to the embedded asm-3.0.jar to the Orbit-provided
> asm 3.0 bundle.

I would be glad if you could do this (the next paper deadline is already
pretty close :-)). In the meantime, I will finish and file the necessary



ETH Zurich, MSc Jan S. Rellermeyer,
Information and Communication Systems Research Group (IKS), 
Department of Computer Science, 
IFW B 47.1, Haldeneggsteig 4, CH–8092 Zürich Tel +41 44 632 30 38,

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