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[ecf-dev] How to know the roomID for an already connected IChatRoomContainer

Hi all,
	I find myself in a situation where the IChatRoomContainer is passed
to my component after the container has already connected so I lose the
ContainerConnectedEvent fired when the IContainer.connect() is called
(XMPPChatRoomContainer, in my case).

Is it possible to add a getRoomID() method to the IChatRoomContainer
interface so that I can use it? I see that the XMPPChatRoomContainer
conserve such instance but doesn't provide any accessor for, perhaps because
it is fair (by design) to capture the event. Is any other option available?

Mario Scalas
Ph.D. student
Collaborative Development Group

University of Bari - C.S. Dept.
Via E. Orabona, 4
70125 Bari - ITALY

email: scalas (at)

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