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Re: [ecf-dev] Initial upload of jSLP provider to

Markus Alexande Kuppe wrote:
Markus Alexande Kuppe wrote:

Unfortunately the members in AbstractDiscoveryContainerAdapter are
private and JSLPDiscoveryContainer cannot access them. Also
AbstractDiscoveryContainerAdapter is missing getConnectedID(). If
somebody with commit rights could change this (patch attached), or do
you prefer I open a bug?


I've attached the patch to anyway. Once
applied, 204433 can be marked FIXED if it were for me.


I've applied the patch with some small changes described on the bug.  Markus and I will work out any remaining changes to JSLPDiscoveryContainer to get things to compile.  I'll then converse with Ted about adding this bundle to the osuosl build (that may take a little time, due to work constraints on all of us).

Thanks again for the contribution Markus!!  Support for SLP discovery is *very cool*.


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