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[ecf-dev] ECF dev build 5.4.07

Another integration/dev build.  Please install/use/test/report bugs.


UI fixes/improvements in response to reports.

Added support for RT collaboration over IM via datashare, and URL sharing using this capability

Added account disconnection to MultiRosterView.


Bugs Fixed since 4/26

183637    [ui] Add icons to MultiRosterView and MessagesView
184352 	  [ui] add account disconnect for MultiRosterView
184714 	  [ui] move relevant views and dialogs from org.eclipse.pre...
183029    allow project collaboration over regular IM

Accessing Dev Build

The core features can be accessed
Update site:

ECF Extras (including the new Skype Provider [1]) can be accessed at
Update site:

CVS tag for build:  v20070504-1522

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