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[new] ECF 3.9.1 Now Available (11/16/2014)

ECF 3.9.1 requires Eclipse Kepler or Eclipse Luna. See here to get appropriate version of Eclipse.

See New and Noteworthy for details of the contents of this release.

See ECF Wiki and/or the ecf dev at mailing list for further information about plans and ongoing project activities.

[new]Install via Apache Karaf

Install via p2 repository

For a detailed step-by-step description of how to install OSGi Remote Services into Eclipse see Installing Into Eclipse. For a step-by-step description of how to add OSGi Remote Services into your Target Platform see Add to Target Platform.

  • In Eclipse, choose Help -> Install New Software...
  • Click on the Add button on the right.
  • Type in a Name in the textbox. For example, type: ECF 3.8.1.
  • Paste the following URL into the Location field.
  • Click OK.
  • Select the first two check boxes for install into Eclipse..i.e. ECF OSGi Remote Services/Remote Service Admin SDK and the ECF SDK for Eclipse. To explain: The ECF repository has four top-level items for install:
    1. ECF OSGi Remote Services SDK
    2. ECF Patch for Eclipse Kepler (4.3). Not needed for Eclipse Luna (4.4).
    3. ECF SDK for Eclipse
    4. ECF Supplemental File Transfer Providers. Not needed for Eclipse Luna or Kepler.


    • If you are installing ECF into to Eclipse Kepler (4.3) you must check the item ECF Patch for Eclipse Kepler (4.3) addition to any other items. If, however, you are installing into Eclipse Luna (4.4), you must not check this item.
    • For nearly all cases, you should select the ECF SDK for Eclipse and/or the ECF OSGi Remote Services SDK. The ECF SDK for Eclipse includes the ECF Remote Services SDK. Generally, you should not install the ECF Supplemental File Transfer Providers and so you should make sure that this category is unchecked.

    Of course, you may also uncheck the Group items by category checkbox and choose the individual ECF features ala carte to get only the features of ECF that you wish.

  • Click on Next.
  • Follow through the remaining dialogs to complete the installation.

To uninstall ECF SDK

  • Choose Help -> Install New Software...
  • Click on already installed (lower part of install manager dialog)
  • Click on Installed Software tab
  • Click on ECF SDK
  • Click on Uninstall ...

Install via Zip

  • The ECF SDK zip contains all ECF plugins from the Eclipse Foundation, as well as source code. The zip is a p2 update site. When you unzip it, you will have a local p2 update site and can then add an update site using the 'local'

    File    Build Date    19MB 11/16/2014

ECF Dailies

  • The Daily builds are the latest untested or lightly tested builds.
    Daily Builds      
    To get the latest Daily Build from HEAD, add the following URL to Available Sites. This repository updates every day.
    We have stopped saving the zips of the daily/nightly builds from HEAD 

ECF Source Code

For access to Eclipse Foundation ECF source code, see our Eclipse Foundation git repostiory

For access to ECF Extras source code, see our github repository

ECF Extras Plugins

Built versions of ECF extras plugins are periodically created by the ECF builder and available in the builder downloads area

ECF Extras source code is available via our area at Github -

ECF Build Types

See the ECF Buckminster/Hudson builder for the available ECF builds.