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[ecf-dev] Collaboration Perspective Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

  • Topic: Common / Shared Collaboration Perspective
  • Date: Tuesday, May 1, 2007
  • Time: 2:00 PM EDT
  • Goal: Determine if a common / shared collaboration perspective should be established for use by several Technology projects.




  • Dennis O'Flynn (Corona)
  • Glenn Everitt (Corona)
  • Scott Lewis (ECF)
  • Brian Carroll (ALF)
  • Carlos Sanchez (Kepler)




  • Several Technology (top-level) projects have exemplary views that provide tools/apps that enable collaboration.
  • Should these tools, provided by different projects, share a common perspective to deliver a greater collaboration value?


Tools Services Framework (Corona)

  • Corona’s core technologies provide (1) an Eclipse server-side platform, and (2) collaboration framework.  These technologies do not provide any UI views.
  • Corona’s exemplary implementation focus on providing a collaboration application for enabling a team of Eclipse IDE developers into a “workgroup”.
  • Corona’s stance is that its UI views are better suited to extend the value of existing perspectives since collaboration needs a context
    • Corona’s view will extend existing perspectives (e.g. Java, Plugin, Debug).
  • Corona will provide a “collaboration” perspective to group its exemplary implementation UI views to provide an initial out-of-box experience.


Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF)

  • ECF provides a framework for communications.  The core framework does not provide any UI views.
  • However there are several sample communication applications (e.g. chat, shared editors) that do provide some collaboration value
  • ECF does provide a “communications” perspective to group its sample apps


Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF)

  • ALF is considering implementing an Eclipse plug-in to provide a view to monitor the lifecycle process via BPEL.
  • This view could utilize a common “collaboration” perspective.



  • A common / shared collaboration perspective would be useful to consolidate views from different projects
  • This perspective should not be owned by any one project so that it can stay independent
    • Could Orbit (or an Eclipse Commons project) provide the plugin for implementing the “collaboration” perspective?
    • Should it be owned by the Technology top-level (or Platform)?
  • Work with the Technology PMC to establish “collaboration” perspective
    • After Europa is released, we can renew dialog on this topic and begin working towards a solution.


Open Issues

  • How would collaboration views be provided via Update Manager?
  • Is there any impact to how features would be provided?

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