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[ecf-dev] ECF dev build 5.1.07

Another integration/dev build.  Please install/use/test/report bugs.


UI fixes/improvements in response to reports.

Consolidated multi-user chats into one chat view class: ChatRoomManagerView.

Refactoring of classes out of org.eclipse.ecf.ui and into org.eclipse.ecf.presence.ui. Added javadocs, refactored/simplified and generalized code.

Made error checking/input handling in connect wizards more robust.


Bugs Fixed since 4/26

183637		[ui] Add icons to MultiRosterView and MessagesView
166768		ECF should leverage the version/target milestone
184714		[ui] move relevant views and dialogs
184352		[ui] add account disconnect for MultiRosterView

Accessing Dev Build

The core features can be accessed

Update site:  http://download.eclipse.org/technology/ecf/update

ECF Extras (including the new Skype Provider [1]) can be accessed at

Update site:  http://ecf1.osuosl.org/update

CVS tag for build:  v20070501-2203