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[ecf-dev] datashare for rt collab over xmpp

Hi Folks,

I wanted to relay something 'new and cool' quickly.

In response to bug/enhancement request

I created a new plugin that uses datashare API to dynamically share URLs to people in one's roster. (i.e. Send URL... as context menu item along with "Send IM", Send File, etc).

This plugin is extremely simple (3 classes without Activator), and also adds UI to the MultiRosterView using the Eclipse 3.3 menuContribution for adding actions to dynamically created menus. Here's the project:

The core code for sending and receiving URLs is the URLShare class

See the 'sendURL' and 'handleMessage' methods for the send and receive code respectively.

The basic form of this is quite generalizable to other sharing situations...e.g. sharing Mylar task contexts, sharing workbench artifacts, exchanging state changes for shared editors, etc. Note also that this same code will work on all providers that support datashare..i.e. xmpp, ECF generic, skype (soon), others.

I'm going to use this, I think, to create a simple tutorial for datashare.


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