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[ecf-dev] ECF dev build 4.26.2007

Hi Folks,

Another integration/dev build today.

Now that we have an automatable build, we can/will do integration builds more frequently. In a short while we should have a build server going and will be able to do daily automatic integration/dev builds.


UI fixes/improvements in response to reports.

Added support for hyperlinking in all ECF views ( To access, simply hold down Ctrl key while pointing at URL in ECF view, text editor, java editor.

Added hyperlink detectors for xmpp/xmpps, ecftcp, irc, torrent, msn, yahoo. This allows URLs of the form (e.g.)


to be detected and then when clicked on launch the ECF XMPP connect wizard.

Progress on new Smack 3 additions with Jingle support


Bugs Fixed since 4/24

170501  [UI] org.eclipse.ecf.ui needs to split off its non-core p...
181505 	[ui] Consider creating a 'Collaboration' perspective for ECF
183030 	[ui] Add support for Platform hyperlink detectors in all ...
184036 	[bot] ~keys cmd to point to "ctrl+shift+l"

Accessing Dev Build

The core features can be accessed
Update site:

ECF Extras (including the new Skype Provider [1]) can be accessed at
Update site:

CVS tag:  v20070426-1534

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