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[ecf-dev] Conference Call Mon Apr 9

Hi Folks,

1) ECF conference call Mon Apr 9 at noon pacific. See here for details and to add to agenda:

Please attend if you can.  Lots happening.

2) We recently introduced some UI code that is dependent upon the 3.3M6 version of the APIs. So to build/work on ECF from here on in you will need to use 3.3M6 (at least as the target platform).

3) For everyone's info, I've been working on a Skype provider implementation of the call API, and it now has signs of life. See attached project set files to get the source and build. Currently only the win32 version of Skype is supported, but Marcello and I are working on fragments for OSX and Linux. If someone out there has a Linux version of Skype and wouldn't mind doing some work on this and testing please let me know.

Thanks...and have a good weekend.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<psf version="2.0">
<provider id="">
<project reference="1.0,,eclipse/plugins/,"/>
<project reference="1.0,,tests/,"/>
<project reference="1.0,,eclipse/plugins/,"/>
<project reference="1.0,,eclipse/plugins/,"/>
<project reference="1.0,,eclipse/plugins/,"/>
<project reference="1.0,,plugins/,"/>
<project reference="1.0,,plugins/,"/>

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