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Re: [ecf-dev] Bot framework

Hi Erkki,

So basically you have one bot that supports adapting to multiple
scenarios, am I correct? Can you paste some code to help with the
visualizing process?


On 4/6/07, Erkki Lindpere <erkki@xxxxxx> wrote:

I haven't had a good look at the Bot framework yet, but one of the
reasons I started looking into ECF in the first place was that I was
building a bot-like application. Except in my case the bot is the core
of the application and the communication channels are extensions. The
ECF bot framework seems to only support the opposite case, or am I
getting it wrong?

In case the ECF bot framework wants to support the more bot-centric use
case too, I would be glad to contribute if I can. My own bot code
intends to support IM, IRC & BB, but it's currently tied to my bot's
specific function. But it mostly works like this:
Currently there are "bot instance managers" of 3 types: IM, BB, IRC (but
this may change). Each instance manager supports containers adapting to
the related I*ContainerAdapters. To create "bot instances", you need to
container type
connect ID -- the id that is used in Container.connect(...)
credentials -- currently custom/hacked handling in each type of instance
target ID -- the id of the forum thread, chat room or buddy to
communicate with
bookmark ID -- for bulletin boards, this is used to remember which
message was read last, so that previous ones could be skipped when work
is resumed

But the bot instances themselves are very much custom code and rather
complex, I'm not really sure if they can be abstracted well enough to be
useful for generic cases. I would need to spend some time with my code
to try to find good abstractions.

Any thoughts?

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