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[ecf-dev] ECF recent progress

Hi Folks,

A quick update on recent ECF changes and additions:

1) The bug suggested moving away from using the classes in org.eclipse.core.runtime. Main reason this makes sense to do now: once we do this nearly all of the non-ui ECF plugins (the core + all providers) can run on any/all of the various Equinox runtimes...including Equinox-based servers, RCP configs, Eclipse (of course), and in some cases eRCP runtimes. I've now gotten most of the things listed in this bug taken care of now (in HEAD), and the remaining changes are waiting on a change to equinox listed in bug

2) I've added a new server plugin: org.eclipse.ecf.server.generic. As the name implies, this is an ECF generic server. I also added an extension point defined by this plugin that allows other plugins to create/configure ECF generic server groups via extensions. So, for example, to setup an ECF generic server on localhost, port 3333, with group name 'foobar' (and id: ecftcp://localhost:3333/foobar) just put this in plugin.xml:


And when the org.eclipse.ecf.server.generic bundle is started the given server and group will be setup via the extension. Further, if the 'discovery' attribute is set to true, the server will be published (with zeroconf) for automatic service discovery (via ECF discovery API of course)!

3) New OSGi services. I added OSGi services for bundles/plugins to use. There are now services for discovery, containerfactory, idfactory, and retrieve file transfer. These can now be accessed via OSGi services (e.g. with ServiceTracker) rather than via (e.g.) ContainerFactory.getDefault(). See the test cases code for examples of how to use. The last one (retrieve file transfer service) should be particularly useful for the provisioning work.

4) *Lots* of cleanup of, plugin.xml, for all ECF projects.

5) I put the slides from Ken's talk up on the ECF website with a link on the ECF home page: My heartfelt thanks to Ken for stepping in at the last second to give the talk in my absence/illness. It's most appreciated. Also thanks to Chris A for representing ECF interests at the ECF BOF and at the provisioning BOF.


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