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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF and Eclipse 3.3

I'm fine with this, ECF 1.0 represents the first release ECF is ready for the mainstream. This would help spur the adoption of ECF and allow for greater feedback on API development. I'm particularly interested in how ECF can evolve and work with the upcoming provisioning effort.

Thank you Scott for all your hard work in this area, it's been nice to watch ECF evolve over time to where it is today.


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03/15/2007 06:06 PM


[ecf-dev] ECF and Eclipse 3.3

Hi Folks,

As ECF participates in Europa, it's probably going to get more difficult
to retain backward compatibility (have ECF work on 3.2 or 3.1).  There
are a number of Platform 3.3 UI features that would be very nice to have
in example apps, and changes in equinox and OSGi 4.1 would be nice to
take advantage of/support in ECF as soon as possible.

What are people's views about having ECF require Eclipse 3.3 for Europa
release and beyond?



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