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[ecf-dev] Re: Jingle / VoIP status

Hi Maarten,

Maarten Th. Mulders wrote:
Hi Scott e.a.,

unfortunately, I've had to decide that I can't join SoC 2007. I'm afraid
it will be too much work compared to my current workload. I have to
write a Bachelor's Thesis, to mention just one of my future occupations.
I do not exclude the opportunity of joining ECF, for I think it's a
great project. However, I am not sure what to do. Any hints for me?

The best thing to do would be to

1) Try your hand at implementing some example/applications (RCP or Eclipse-based)
(this would be my preference)
2) Generate patches and/or work with committers on enhancements (in area of your interest): 3) Generate patches and/or work with committers on bug fixes (again, hopefully in area of your interest):
4) Propose something else/new as an enhancement and work on that

You can become a contributor simply by contributing some of 1, 2, 3, or the existing committers can come to know your work a little. Then, if you like and the current committers agree, you can be elected to become a committer yourself.





Scott Lewis schreef:
Hi Maarten,

It does mean enabling ECF to 'speak' jingle (by implementing an ECF call
API provider via the Smack Jingle extensions).  This is what Roland Fru,
Pierre Henry Perret and myself have primarily been working on.

It also means creating a stand-alone RCP application (e.g. soft phone/IM
app).  We would like to have done this already, but have not had the
resources to work on this yet.  We would welcome contributions and/or
contributors/committers specifically to do this with us.

My understanding is that yes, Eclipse will participate in SoC 2007.

Yes, absolutely.  It could be a great project, I think...particularly if
we can connect it with the ongoing work by Roland, Pierre and myself.

You also might want to join the ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list

I'm forwarding this note to that mailing list as well so that Roland and
Pierre can be made aware of your interest.



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