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[ecf-dev] Summer of Code 2007

Hmm... I noticed this:

   * Develop a newsreader similar to Pan,Thunderbird but based on Eclipse

I might be interested in doing that. And I've already started somewhat with the bbreader example (but a real newsreader is of course a lot more complex) and a bit of code already written for an NNTP provider for ECF/BBAPI. Can someone who is already a contributor (or commiter in case I want to become one) take part in Summer of Code?


On 2/19/07, Chris Aniszczyk <zx@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes, Eclipse will participate with the SoC program again this year. There is a wiki page currently setup to take in ideas from people:

Please post any ones you have ;)


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[ecf-dev] Re: Jingle / VoIP status

Hi Maarten,

Maarten Th. Mulders wrote:
> Hi all,
> today I was browsing the Google SoC pages. I was glad to found that,
> last year, Eclipse also was a mentoring organization. Reading the
> Eclipse / SoC page I found the ECF. Never earlier heard of it, but it
> really sounds great! I have had to do several programming projects as a
> part of my study, and we always had the problem of communicating about
> code over large distances. ECF might be the thing I've been looking for.
> This Eclipse / SoC page gave the suggestion to implement a Voice-over-IP
> client as RCP application using the ECF call API and Jingle. I am not
> sure whether this means to enable ECF to "speak" jingle, or to make a
> stand-alone application. Could anybody clear my mind in this case?

It does mean enabling ECF to 'speak' jingle (by implementing an ECF call
API provider via the Smack Jingle extensions).  This is what Roland Fru,
Pierre Henry Perret and myself have primarily been working on.

It also means creating a stand-alone RCP application (e.g. soft phone/IM
app).  We would like to have done this already, but have not had the
resources to work on this yet.  We would welcome contributions and/or
contributors/committers specifically to do this with us.

> Secondly, I am wondering if Eclipse will participate in SoC 2007.

My understanding is that yes, Eclipse will participate in SoC 2007.

> anybody know? Could the foregoing be a SoC-project?

Yes, absolutely.  It could be a great project, I think...particularly if
we can connect it with the ongoing work by Roland, Pierre and myself.

You also might want to join the ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list

I'm forwarding this note to that mailing list as well so that Roland and
Pierre can be made aware of your interest.



> Kind regards,
> Maarten Th. Mulders
> Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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