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[ecf-dev] Re: Jingle / VoIP status

Hi Scott e.a.,

unfortunately, I've had to decide that I can't join SoC 2007. I'm afraid
it will be too much work compared to my current workload. I have to
write a Bachelor's Thesis, to mention just one of my future occupations.
I do not exclude the opportunity of joining ECF, for I think it's a
great project. However, I am not sure what to do. Any hints for me?



Scott Lewis schreef:
> Hi Maarten,
> It does mean enabling ECF to 'speak' jingle (by implementing an ECF call
> API provider via the Smack Jingle extensions).  This is what Roland Fru,
> Pierre Henry Perret and myself have primarily been working on.
> It also means creating a stand-alone RCP application (e.g. soft phone/IM
> app).  We would like to have done this already, but have not had the
> resources to work on this yet.  We would welcome contributions and/or
> contributors/committers specifically to do this with us.
> My understanding is that yes, Eclipse will participate in SoC 2007.
> Yes, absolutely.  It could be a great project, I think...particularly if
> we can connect it with the ongoing work by Roland, Pierre and myself.
> You also might want to join the ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list
> I'm forwarding this note to that mailing list as well so that Roland and
> Pierre can be made aware of your interest.
> Thanks,
> Scott

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