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Re: [ecf-dev] IRC improvements

Hi Scott,

Well, it could be used for file transfer, or sending objects via the ECF
datashare or sharedobject APIs for representing things like workbench
events, resources, workbench config, etc.

Chris how does CTCP do this on IRC?  I'm not sure this is worth the
trouble (given that irclib doesn't implement it), but I'm just sort of

There are two commands for sending messages to users and/or groups in

CTCP commands are normal PRIVMSGs whose message string has a special
format. If I remember correctly, it starts with a special character
followed by a keyword.
There are different keywords for different tasks, for example
"VERSION" asks the receiving client to answer with the client program
name and version. There are some similar commands.

A little bit different is the command to initiate a DCC session.
A CTCP command (i.e. a PRIVMSG) is sent which contains information
like filename, the sender's IP address, the port it'll be listening at
and filesize. The receiver is a single user, not a group. At the
meantime, the sender opens a serversocket.
If the receiver's IRC client supports DCC, he can accept the incoming
file transfer, which means that his client connects to the sender's
socket and receives the file.

As you can see, DCC uses CTCP only for transmitting the initial
information, the concrete data exchange is done via a direct
connection between two users.


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