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[ecf-dev] IRC improvements

Hi all,


1) Modified/improved the IRC provider so that the connect() calls on (to both container and to channel/chat room container) block until completion or they should according to IContainer.connect() semantics. IRC has a somewhat weird "double response" connect and then authenticate...probably because IRC had no authentication initially. So now it behaves like xmpp and others in terms of timing.

2) I slightly improved the UI for IRC ChatManagerView: If a channel/tab is not selected, and it receives a message the tabitem title goes bold so that the user can tell something was received on channel.

3) Question for group: Is there a way in IRC to send someone else (either an individual or a group) an arbitrary-length byte array (and not have it appear as a text message)?

4) Finally, I've been thinking that the bot framework that Chris started yesterday should/could be enhanced could serve as something that a lot of projects could use...for reporting junit testing, for doing things associated with build (i.e. receiving commands and starting build, fetching info about bugs, updating blogs/website, reporting rss feeds, etc. It would make a (very) good reason for Europa to use IRC and/or XMPP for team (and inter-team) communications.


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