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Re: [ecf-dev] IRC improvements


1) Modified/improved the IRC provider so that the connect() calls on (to
both container and to channel/chat room container) block until
completion or they should according to IContainer.connect()
semantics.  IRC has a somewhat weird "double response"
connect and then authenticate...probably because IRC had no
authentication initially.  So now it behaves like xmpp and others in
terms of timing.

I think with "double response structure" that after calling connect()
a registration-event is fired.
I don't know much about ECF's API yet, so I can't estimate the effect
of your changes.
Just for your information: between calling connect() and receiving the
registration-event, the IRC server might complain that the chosen
nickname is already in use and ask the connecting user to choose a new
one. Therefore, between connect() and receiving the
registration-event, user-interaction might be useful.

3) Question for group:  Is there a way in IRC to send someone else
(either an individual or a group) an arbitrary-length byte array (and
not have it appear as a text message)?

As far as I know there is no way in IRC to do so. You can only send
textmessages to users and/or groups, and these text messages are also

The only exception I know is CTCP. CTCP uses standard messages where
the message itself has a special format. These messages are not
displayed by most IRC clients but answered automatically instead.
CTCP allows to ask other clients for their program name or the local
time, for example. Additionally, CTCP is used to initiate a DCC
connection (which is used to send files to each other or chat directly
with each other).
CTCP (same like DCC) is not a standard and is not implemented by
IRClib by the way.

What should the command for sending byte arrays exactly be for? (If
you mean file transfer, as alread said, this can be done via DCC.)



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