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[ecf-dev] ECF 0.9.3 API refactoring release

Hi Folks,

ECF 0.9.3 stable (the 'API refactoring' release) is now available here:

The new and noteworthy, detailing the API changes is here:

Get the source/project set files here:

I think great improvement was made with this refactoring...resulting in a smaller code size for core plugins (about 1/2 the size...150K->80K), ability for the core plugins to run on small CDC 1.0/Foundation 1.0 execution environments, much cleaner and more consistent APIs, much better compliance with API guidelines and requirements, and much more complete documentation for the APIs i.e. see

I'm convinced that this will serve as a much stronger base to work from for our upcoming ECF application and UI work.

Thanks particularly go to Remy Suen, but also Erkki Lindpere and Pete Mackie for helping with patches, bug fixes, API suggestions, UI work/artwork, more/better test code, and new build/deploy with improvements.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a backward-compatibility breaking release (hopefully last one for a while) as a number of classes changed packages, extension points renamed, etc. It will require a *refactoring and recompile* of apps written to earlier ECF APIs. See the n&n for details about changes.

Also, if you have 0.9.2 or previous install of ECF it's necessary to uninstall the previous releases before installing 0.9.3. See the downloads.php page if you need to do this.

NOTE ALSO: The ECF generic server is currently at an older (incompatible) version ~0.9.0 and will soon have to be updated to 0.9.3 to allow new clients to connect to it. I'm anticipating updating that server with 0.9.3 code on 11-18-2006. Prior to that old clients (<= 0.9.2) will work with the generic server at ecftcp:// but after that 0.9.3 clients will be necessary.



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