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[ecf-dev] Re: ecf-dev Digest, Vol 16, Issue 18

Got an error message from Postfix with a "failure to find group".
Excuse me if my message below reaches you twice.

On 11/18/06, Mustafa K. Isik <codesurgeon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It looks like as if I mixed up MediaWiki's (distinct) concepts of
"categories" and "namespaces".

Categories are really just there to provide a TOC for a set of pages.
Adding a page to such a TOC is as easy as including a special type of
internal wiki link to the page's source. A page can be listed on any
arbitrary number of such TOCs, i.e. Category pages. You can find more
on the topic here:

What "categories" don't solve is the namespace problem, where our
usage of a page title such as "API Refactoring" keeps pretty much
everybody else from being able to use a simple and concise title for
the same effort in their respective projects [thank god we were so
fast to grab this one :-P ].

That is where namespaces come into play. I thought of MediaWiki to
allow titling pages with a special syntax in order to manage them via
a special namespace, something like

"<namespace>:<page title>"

, where MediaWiki just displays <page title> and does not show the
prefix <namespace> in internal wiki link usage. Consulting the
MediaWiki documentation, I had to realize, that utilizing namespaces
does not seem to be as straightforward as I assumed.

Apparently creating a namespace of one's own requires administration
rights and access to MediaWiki's guts and innards, that is
DefaultSettings.php :(

You can have a look at it here:

What do you (all) think we should do in order to avoid running out of
common page titles?

Are you OK with extending page titles of which you think they could be
common with a pre-/suffix of your liking?

The problem I see with this is, that

a) we will end up with inconsistent titling, where some pages have a
plain title, others some sort of prefix and yet another set with
different suffixes, such as "for ECF", "of ECF" etc.

b) coming up with prefixes or suffixes only for titles of which we
think to be, have been or might become common leaves quite some room
for (mis-)interpretation/-judgment, effectively rendering this
approach useless. (Me being me and knowing me, will I always be able
to anticipate a page title to be, become or have been common? No, I
don't think so.)

This very much feels like a hack.

Right now I can think of two options, either we inquire for the
creation of custom namespaces for each project or we agree on a prefix
of our own, which we'll use to prefix all our page titles.

The latter option strips us of the features that come with "real",
i.e. wiki-supported, namespaces, but could be realized with minimal
administrative impact (by using the "move" function in MediaWiki).
It would prevent us from stepping on other project's toes (those which
they use to come up with the titles for their wiki pages) and most
likely also save us from running into names already in use by others.

The latter option is of immediate nature, where the former would
require other projects to adopt a similar approach.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Is it worth the hassle? Does
anybody have another suggestion?

Have a nice weekend :)


On 11/15/06, Mustafa K. Isik <codesurgeon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I think we should use a shorter category prefix than "Eclipse
> Communication Framework", since inter-wiki linking will require the
> full lengthy prefix to be typed each time.
> As the category prefix is not necessarily exposed to your common
> reader, using an acronym should not deteriorate usability.
> Remy, I saw that you have already integrated a category prefix into
> our wiki pages, what do you and the other ECFers think of having that
> changed to our beloved "ECF"?
> In case you guys are accord with this, I'd make the appropriate changes.
> Thanks,
> Mustafa


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