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Re: [ecf-dev] Refactoring of new release

Hi Kerri,

The org.eclipse.ecf.discovery package has not been renamed (and it's still in org.eclipse.ecf.discovery plugin/project).  Strange.  Have you done a rebuild all?


Edlund, Kerri L wrote:

Hi Scott,


This is great information, but the problem that I am having is that I am being told that the org.eclipse.ecf.discovery package does not even exist.  It has not been renamed?


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Hi Kerri,

Edlund, Kerri L wrote:



I have a couple of the plug-ins, namely org.eclipse.ecf.example.collab and org.eclipse.ecf.ui that I extracted from the source code prior to the most recent update.  I have made changes to this code and therefore do not wish to directly update my extracted code with the plug-ins from the new release.  However, I am running into some problems since some refactoring has taken place.  I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction of fixing up my code so that there are no more errors and it works with the latest release.  I have listed below the items which are causing the errors.


import org.eclipse.ecf.discovery.IDiscoveryContainer;

import org.eclipse.ecf.discovery.IServiceEvent;

import org.eclipse.ecf.discovery.IServiceListener;

import org.eclipse.ecf.discovery.IServiceTypeListener;

import org.eclipse.ecf.discovery.IServiceInfo;

import org.eclipse.ecf.discovery.IServiceProperties;









invisibleRoot = new TreeParent(null,"",null); - The constructor DiscoveryView.TreeParent(null, String, null) is undefined

connectToService(p.getServiceInfo()); - The method getServiceInfo() is undefined for the type DiscoveryView.TreeParent



It seems that the errors are due to packages that no longer exist but I cannot find where the functionality was moved to or what refactoring was done.

I haven't yet completed the documentation on the refactoring.  I'm working on it as we speak.  The document under construction is available here:

I'm working on it right now, and there's a lot to do before it's done.

For the problem you list above, I suspect that the issues are:

1) IDiscoveryContainer changed names to IDiscoveryContainerAdapter (as did all top-level interfaces that are intended to be used as argument for IContainer.getAdapter(IDiscoveryContainerAdapter.class)).  This is a new convention for all the ECF extension APIs (e.g. discovery, datashare, filetransfer, etc), that the top-level adapter interface has name:  I<type> IDiscoveryContainerAdapter, IChannelContainerAdapter, etc).

2) The ServiceID class moved from org.eclipse.ecf.core.identity to org.eclipse.ecf.discovery.identity.  I think this is what is causing the error you list above for the constructor is undefined.

I'll be working on further additions to the documentation over the next couple of days.  But please feel free to post questions about the changes here to ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx as well and I'll answer them directly as I put further notes in the 0.9.3 new and noteworthy.



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