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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF BBAPI progress!

Hi Erkki,

I've been out of town for a couple of days...so I apologize for not responding sooner...but at first blush this work looks marvelous! Erkki thank you kindly for your generous efforts...and for thinking/coordinating with ECF. I think it's a testimony to the community/collaborative development made possible through an open project with the generous cooperation of people like Erkki.

I would ask that all the committers spend some effort looking things over/commenting on things and over the next week we'll coordinate with Erkki on how to

1) review and refine the APIs and implementation he has put in place
2) help him do any remaining work (e.g. additional test code, documentation, etc)
3) coordinating to check this work into the dev.eclipse.org repository and distribute as part of ECF

I'm looking forward to working with you further Erkki. Erkki please let everyone know via this list what tasks you think remain and how you would like to coordinate with us in getting this code into the dev.eclipse.org repository.

Thanks again.


Erkki Lindpere wrote:
I spent the last several hours porting BBAPI and the phpBB
implementation to ECF and I've got the initial version done (no unit
tests, javadocs haven't been updated, and I just ran it once, but most
things seemed to work the same as before). I will get it to SVN at
bbapi.tigris.org soon (tomorrow perhaps). I currently named the

, is that ok?

There are also dependencies on org.apace.commons.httpclient &
org.apache.commons.collections. I don't know much about licensing
issues, but I think it should be ok if I put those bundles to the
tigris.org SVN as well.
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