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Re: [ecf-dev] Using Namespaces, IDs etc.

Hi Erkki,

I'm away from home for a couple of days so sorry about the slow response.

I would also be inclined to make the ID include the username (if not in anonymous mode). I assume that the ID could have URI-nature like:


or something like that. Having flexibility in the definition of the targetID is the reason for the ECF namespace extension point (so basically you can define your own URI for the given service).

More soon...but a couple of days for me (probably Sun or early next week).


Erkki Lindpere wrote:

Currently I'm mostly trying to figure out things on my own looking at
ECF code instead of bothering you with an onslaught of questions.

But I do have one more problem I'd like advice on:

When using the IContainer's connect() method, should the targetID be
the ID of the bulletin board or the user who logs in (in case there is
a user)?

When connecting to a bulletin board, there are (usually) two methods:
1) anonymous, without giving a username or password
2) login with a username and password

So in guest mode, there actually wouldn't be any user ID to use.
That's why I'm partial to using the bulletin board's ID and creating
another method in IBBContainer to query the currently connected user.
Does that seem ok?

(another reason why I'm partial to that is that creating the user ID
to use as the targetID would also require a connection to be made so
it would be funny to call the connect method right after a connection
was already made)
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