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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF BBAPI progress!


And thanx for the kind words, Scott.

About what work I think is remaining (besides writing tests and docs):

1) The phpBB and vBulletin providers are similar, and I would like to
generalize parts of them and move that to the bb.commons bundle. I've
been already doing that gradually over a long period of time. One idea
is to create an AbstractParser and make the PHPBBParser and VBParser
extend that.

2) Some of the API could be made more ECF-compliant. For example I
just deprecated the methods dealing with connection status in
IBulletinBoard as that should be left to the IContainer, I think?
Maybe the API should be more similar to Presence API -- not having a
postReply() method in IThread, but instead a getMessageSender() in

3) Find more use cases. The main way how I use this API so far:
a) display a tree of forums & threads when the user needs to select a
thread to watch
b) watch a thread for new messages over a long period of time (for
days or even weeks), polling it every 30 seconds or so.
So the API might not be very complete because it has focused mainly on
providing the above functionality.
Also, I have removed some functionality that previously existed, such
as updating account settings (they can be used to optimize thread
reading), signature and avatar. I will need to use this functionality
myself so I want to add it back, but the API for that requires some

4) Add some kind of an event layer (optional?). I just had this idea
yesterday -- instead of the client application polling for messages
itself with IThread.getNewMessages(), the polling could be implemented
by the provider and the client could add an INewMessagesListener to
the IThread (or to the IBulletinBoard, giving the thread ID as a

Maybe something else too, I can't remember right now. I'm at work now,
but I'll get back to this later tonight.

On 8/14/06, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Erkki,

I've been out of town for a couple of I apologize for not
responding sooner...but at first blush this work looks marvelous!  Erkki
thank you kindly for your generous efforts...and for
thinking/coordinating with ECF.  I think it's a testimony to the
community/collaborative development made possible through an open
project with the generous cooperation of people like Erkki.

I would ask that all the committers spend some effort looking things
over/commenting on things and over the next week we'll coordinate with
Erkki on how to

1) review and refine the APIs and implementation he has put in place
2) help him do any remaining work (e.g. additional test code,
documentation, etc)
3) coordinating to check this work into the repository
and distribute as part of ECF

I'm looking forward to working with you further Erkki.  Erkki please let
everyone know via this list what tasks you think remain and how you
would like to coordinate with us in getting this code into the repository.

Thanks again.


Erkki Lindpere wrote:
> I spent the last several hours porting BBAPI and the phpBB
> implementation to ECF and I've got the initial version done (no unit
> tests, javadocs haven't been updated, and I just ran it once, but most
> things seemed to work the same as before). I will get it to SVN at
> soon (tomorrow perhaps). I currently named the
> packages
> org.eclipse.ecf.provider.phpbb
> org.eclipse.ecf.example.bbreader
> , is that ok?
> There are also dependencies on org.apace.commons.httpclient &
> org.apache.commons.collections. I don't know much about licensing
> issues, but I think it should be ok if I put those bundles to the
> SVN as well.
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