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[ecf-dev] Using Namespaces, IDs etc.

I'm going to start trying out a BBAPI rewrite using ECF and I have
some questions about how to best use ECF concepts like namespaces &

So far it seems to me that when I have for example a phpBB provider,
it should have a namespace like "ecf.phpBB".

I thought of making several object classes of bulletin boards
"IIdentifiable": forums, threads, single posts, users (and some more).
So for example a forum's ID within the "ecf.phpBB" namespace could
have it's URL as the name i.e.

Is this the right approach, or should IDs be used mainly for user accounts?

Another problem: if a user account's ID is represented by it's URL and
the URL is something like
http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=183660 then:
if the login asks for only username and password, then the URL
representation (that contains the users numeric ID in phpBB) becomes
known after actually connecting and successfully logging in -- that
means it won't be known offline, but as I understand so far, ECF ID-s
should be fully defined offline as well? Or is it ok to make a network
connection while creating an ID?