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Re: [ecf-dev] Re: More interfaces on remote OSGI services page

Hi Peter/all,

Peter sorry I haven't responded to this thread previously...it's just lack of my bandwidth. I was very excited and happy to see that you have some time for ECF these days.

I think there's I also think there is some similarity between part of what Peter was proposing in his previous email and the remote OSGI services stuff. One of the things that the OSGI services (not remote services, just plain 'ol OSGI services API) provides is the notion of a 'ServiceReference', which is found, created and resolved by the OSGI bundle environment (as represented by the BundleContext...e.g. BundleContext.getServiceReferences(), BundleContext.getService(ServiceReference), etc. This notion of a servicereference is, in several ways, very similar to a 'proxy'...which could potentially have underneath it the ability to get a handle on a local reference (e.g. getService(ServiceReference), which turns around and marshals the method call/params, makes remote call, optionally waits for/expects response from remote host plugin of ServiceReference (on remote server or client).

So in one sense, the ServiceReference provides something approaching a 'proxy'...used by the OSGI platform to manage the cross-bundle service accesses (as well as to provide a means to search for services with meta info like class, and filter).

This also bears some resemblance, I think, to Peter's "publisher" notion...that exposes/allows searching/access to either proxies that have registered themselves with the publisher. Note there is flexibility in having proxies that could be 'smart' (i.e. have local replica of state)...or proxies could just marshal/unmarshal remote calls/responses.

Hopefully more to come soon...I've got to run now.


Peter Nehrer wrote:
Scott, Ken,

I'm afraid I missed the beginning of the last conference call when you probably discussed this topic, so I'm not sure if this is relevant, but the idea of supporting selective replication of certain services (not necessarily as OSGi services) crossed my mind when putting together the shared model/pub-sub example. Initially, I was focusing on simply allowing interested group members to receive model updates from the "publisher", but while working on the implementation I noticed that there's a rather generic part to this scenario. Basically, someone puts out a "service" (to put abstractly) and others may request a replica to be sent over to their local container. What the service does and how it's manifested in the replica is completely application-specific. You can almost think of it in a way as service provisioning -- the replica could act as a proxy to a remote service that is not available locally.

Scott, looking at your wiki page, I think there are a few conceptual similarities in the API, though I know I haven't documented nor finished the pub/sub example. I'll continue working on it as time allows...

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