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[ecf-dev] JXTA provider

Attention: ECF group
Jxta provider for ECF 0.8.8 is on the air - see http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/JXTA_provider_for_ECF for indication on establishing a CVS connexion.

Just check out 2  plugins:
  1. or.eclipse.ecf.provider.jxta (provider classes)
  2. or.eclipse.ecf.provider.jxta.example (robot example)
Just run the org.eclipse.ecf.provider.jxta.example.jxtaRobot eclipse application and check the result.

Some contributions to test the plugin would be welcomed, and for those of you who have time for that, you can check it out  and try to launch the plugin client - based on the ecf robot application sample.

The plugin just output some indicators that show the initialization of the current peer with all the  jxta context needed to  exchange  message. So the first stage is to get the message : "SO initialized", followed by "connect".

Next stage is the JXTAPeerView that will show each other connecting...
...a little more work and patience...

thx in advance,