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[ecf-dev] Is ECF suitable for this project?

Hi Guys,
I've been following ECF for a little while now, and I've noticed a lot of emphasis on VOIP/chat/IM.
I've got a to develop a support application for managing multiple compute grids, this will be an RCP app based on the eclipse workbench. I plan to have an object model that represents each grid and its status. For a couple of reasons I would be very nice to be able to share this model 'live' between all of the support personnel:
1. There is a cost to the compute grid associated with getting real-time information - if one client gets it, I would like to share that everywhere
2. For some operations, optimistic locking will not be appropiate and I will want to pessimistically lock objects in all clients.
Essentially what I would like is for any updates to the object model to be fired as property change events so that I have a consistent interface for model listeners for changes happening both locally and remotely.
Does this sound like the kind of project ECF is being designed for? If it's not currently possible, what sort of time frame we we looking at?
I've worked with JGroups before and like it a lot. What is the planned timeframe for its integration?
Thanks, Paul

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