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[ecf-dev] Developing a share drawing/chat RCP application in 20 minutes


I've been lurking here for a while and I think this is a really cool
project. I haven't found the time yet to dig into ECF and RCP, but I
hope I will soon.

What about making a "Developing a drawing and chatting RCP application
in 20 minutes" screencast? Actually I don't care about the minutes, but
20 seem rather common  :)

Such a screencast would
1) Give a quick introduction to how one would implement such an application.
   (Watching a screencast is much more fun than reading a tutorial)
2) Show that these heavy frameworks are actually quite powerful and
   easy to use.

I love screencasts. An ECF one would be really cool. Does anyone have
time doing one? It'd be really great.


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